UK Visit: Sweeter the Second Time Around

Part I: England Two of England's cultural icons: the telephone booth---now repurposed into a mini urban garden---and the Royal Mail postal box. I visited England three months after my April 2019 visit. This time, I was more prepared. I applied for a leave from work longer than the four-day leave (including weekend) that I filed... Continue Reading →

Something Sweet for Valentine’s Day

I have a recent sweet fascination. It offers a sweet surprise.  It differs from place to place.  Variety is what makes it exciting. Guess what it is?  No, I’m not talking about flowers or chocolates or those cute stuffed toys young lovers give each other. I don’t mean chocochip cookies nor blueberry muffins nor cinnamon buns. I... Continue Reading →

Anting-Anting in Paris

In March 2019, I was delighted to find out that one museum in Paris featured the Philippines. The exhibit did not show paintings nor sculptures of talented Filipino artists, as what would normally be found in a museum. Instead, it presented anting-antings! This exhibit was held from March 12 to May 26, 2019 in Musée du Quai Branly-Jacques Chirac. The 10-week exhibit titled “Anting-Anting, The Secret Soul... Continue Reading →

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