It Would Be Nice… (Part 2)

It would be nice to ride a boat and chat with Toichi, And listen to him say words that are more than three; It would be nice to have Marnie’s gold and curly tresses, Her sweet smile, dazzling earrings, and pretty dresses; It’s frightening to go to the ancient silo late at night, Where ghosts... Continue Reading →

It Would Be Nice… (Part 1)

(A tribute to Studio Ghibli) It would be thrilling to drive like Lisa, Up and down the mountain trail; It would be nice to be like Ponyo, Finding love at five, and shedding her fish tail; Live in a pretty house atop a cliff, To give light to sailors and ships, so they won’t drift.... Continue Reading →

One Month under Lockdown in France

Today marks the start of the second month of the lockdown here in France. It is almost impossible to believe that such a long time has passed! Who would have thought that the modern times, with its advancement in different fields (including the medical field and the health sector) and the great strides towards modernization... Continue Reading →

Conversations with Diplomats

During the ASEAN Regional Forum in April 2016, I had the chance to meet and have conversations with diplomats from Russia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, and the United States. I'd like to share with you some (of the many) fascinating things I learned: 1. I asked the diplomat from Russia (who had been staying in the... Continue Reading →

A Pocketful of Countries’ Memories

Having been to several countries because of my work, and some personal trips, I realized that, oftentimes, it’s not the grand things that you remember. It’s not the lavish meals, the important meetings, the sense of accomplishment after finishing outputs, and the sense of pride in meeting notable personalities. Rather, it’s those little things that... Continue Reading →

Lav Diaz, a great Filipino artist

Paris, January 2020: I had the most wonderful opportunity to meet Mr. Lavrente Indico Diaz, or more popularly known as Lav Diaz. The "ideological father of the new Filipino cinema," his films were featured in the exhibition in Paris in January 2020, when he participated in the 15th edition of the Hors Piste Festival at the... Continue Reading →

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