Paris walk after lockdown

After two months, I was able to walk again around my neighborhood last weekend. The feeling was exhilarating. I have been to the same area so many times before, but that time, it felt refreshingly different. The familiar sight of the Eiffel Tower greeted me. The sky looked dull though, or perhaps, the more appropriate... Continue Reading →

A Quest (2013)

(I would like to share with you this essay that I wrote in 2013. This was included in the book "Bakit Masayang Tumambay sa UP?" launched in 2013.) “I don’t want to be a dry leaf tossed around by a gust of wind--powerless, directionless.” -From my journal entry dated April 1998 This quote probably explains... Continue Reading →

Mother’s Love

It's been almost two weeks since the world celebrated Mother's Day. I started writing two sentences that day but work and a range of emotions didn't allow me to go beyond that, even in the days that followed. The ideas and feelings were present, but the words were elusive. My muse left me as work... Continue Reading →

Maligayang Araw ng mga Manggagawa

Ngayon, Mayo uno, ay ang araw ng mga manggagawa. Sa araw na ito ay nais kong magbigay pugay sa mga masisipag at matatapat na mga manggagawang Pilipino, at maging sa mga manggagawa sa iba pang panig ng mundo. Malaki ang papel na ginagampanan ng mga manggagawa para mapatakbo ang isang pamayanan at ang buong bansa.... Continue Reading →

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