Glimpse of a Diplomat’s Life

What do diplomats do? In the virtual age, is the work of a diplomat still relevant? At a time when even the highest leader of the land or the head of the Foreign Affairs Department can post his/her decisions and sentiments online, available to the public within mere seconds and when news travels more than... Continue Reading →

This ‘n That

It's another weekend again. Aside from resting, catching up on my recent fave Netflix series Anne with an E, getting in touch with my family and friends, and preparing sumptuous home-cooked meals, I had in mind to write about Dr. Jose P. Rizal, the Philippine national hero, whose 159th birthday Filipinos are commemorating on 19... Continue Reading →

Maligayang Araw ng mga Manggagawa

Ngayon, Mayo uno, ay ang araw ng mga manggagawa. Sa araw na ito ay nais kong magbigay pugay sa mga masisipag at matatapat na mga manggagawang Pilipino, at maging sa mga manggagawa sa iba pang panig ng mundo. Malaki ang papel na ginagampanan ng mga manggagawa para mapatakbo ang isang pamayanan at ang buong bansa.... Continue Reading →

Diplomacy and Music

At times, diplomats are requested to sing to the group during celebratory gatherings after the conclusion of meetings or during events. It may be useful to be familiar with some Original Pilipino Music (OPM), which will not only entertain the group but also promote Filipino language, culture, and music. More so, OPM celebrates the great... Continue Reading →

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