Beauteous Belgium

I visited Belgium on the 1st day of June in 2019. Arriving in Ghent from Paris by bus around 5AM, and leaving Brussels around 6PM, it was my shortest trip to a new country. It was my first time to join these cross-country bus tours from Paris, which I can say, both has good points... Continue Reading →

Barcelona of My Dreams

November 2019. It was our dream to go to Spain, so weeks prior to our flight, my friends Allen and Tricia, and I exchanged ideas on the best place and dates for our visit. We considered Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and others, but finally chose Barcelona and the first three (3) days of November 2019 to... Continue Reading →

UK Visit: Sweeter the Second Time Around

Part I: England Two of England's cultural icons: the telephone booth---now repurposed into a mini urban garden---and the Royal Mail postal box. I visited England three months after my April 2019 visit. This time, I was more prepared. I applied for a leave from work longer than the four-day leave (including weekend) that I filed... Continue Reading →

Visit to England: A Reunion

April 2019. My heart was bursting with joy when I visited England, particularly Fleet, Hampshire for the first time. It has been more than ten (10) years since I last saw my sister Lori. At that time, my Ate only had one lovely daughter and now, she has three beautiful kids. I arrived in Heathrow... Continue Reading →

My First Vienna Trip

Last week of December 2018. I loved the serene vibe of the city. The streets were clean, the Prater park where we strolled and where we walked from the apartment to church was spacious and relaxing, and traffic flowed slowly where I stayed. There was no frantic honking of horns nor rowdy speeding cars. The... Continue Reading →

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