Kumusta kayo?

Kumusta kayo mga kaibigan? Ayos lang ba kayo? Napakarami na ang nangyari simula noong tayo'y huling magkita. Ang dami ko sanang gustong ikwento sainyo ngunit pare-pareho tayong abala. Lalo pang mahirap kasi nasa iba't ibang lugar na tayo at ang ilan sa atin, kagaya ko ay nasa ibang time zone. Kumusta naman ang buhay? Okay... Continue Reading →

40 Days Before Christmas 2020

It's mid-November now. It's as if time flew by like a shooting star or a meteorite. But unlike a minute fragment of a heavenly body hurtling through space, leaving with it a trail of fleeting light, and giving the superstitious who were lucky enough to be looking at the dark sky when it passed by... Continue Reading →

A Tale of Two Women: A look into mental health

Let me tell you about Tasyon and Conching. Tasyon and Conching were well-known in my hometown in Albay, Philippines. They were alike yet different--Tasyon, with her waist-length black hair and simple dresses, and Conching with her neatly-combed short hair, nice dresses with a belt accentuating her petite frame, and a dainty hand bag. Tasyon was... Continue Reading →

Hello Stranger!

In my previous post, I talked about people who have chosen the "less-trodden path." The scene that struck me the most in the featured article was the reason why the mother who decided to bring her family off the grid. She said that the "final straw for city living" was "her dismay at going to... Continue Reading →

Walking the less trodden path

A few days ago, I came across an article about people who went off the grid. According to the author, this movement where people decide to get away from the shackles and burdens of modern life and just live simply with nature's resources is slowly getting traction in Europe and North America. In fact, there... Continue Reading →

Weekend Vibe

The soft rain pitter-pattering on the window ledge woke me up on Sunday morning and a peaceful feeling washed over me. I had the urge to pen a few lines of poetry on the writing pad that was on top of my bedside table. How peaceful the morning seemsWith the soft rain tapping on my... Continue Reading →

Choosing to See Beauty

2020 started as a promising year. New decade. New plans. New dreams. But COVID-19 came bringing with it an ever-present health threat. Not only that--it also brought with it death, economic losses for countries, a decline in countries' tourism, an increasing percentage of unemployment, uncertainty for the future, and a challenge to people's well-being. The... Continue Reading →

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