Happy 2021!

You woke up on January 1st 2021, your eyes still heavy with sleep. You wrapped the soft, woollen blanket more tightly around you and felt the soft mattress with your feet enclosed in the warmth of your Christmas socks. While lying in bed, you glanced at your window covered with pastel-colored drapes with tiny flower... Continue Reading →

Dr. Jose P. Rizal Day 2020

On December 30, 2020, the Philippines celebrated Rizal Day, which commemorated the life and works of Dr. Jose P. Rizal. It is also the 124th year since Rizal, the national hero of the Philippines, was shot by a firing squad in Bagumbayan (present day Rizal Park) because of the charges against him for playing a... Continue Reading →

Happy Weekend!

It is December 12 now. I can't believe that it will be Christmas Day in just two weeks! 🙂 I attended my usual but always awaited Saturday morning (15:00-17:00H Philippine time) meeting with my fellow UP Manila Toastmasters Club members/friends and I would like to share some of our photos and messages today. ❤ We... Continue Reading →

Life Vignettes

There are moments when a certain episode in life crosses your mind for whatever reason, even when you're not seriously thinking about it or even when there was no event on that particular day that connected to the previous experience. I would like to share some of these. I am not sure if it's because... Continue Reading →

A Tale of Two Women: A look into mental health

Let me tell you about Tasyon and Conching. Tasyon and Conching were well-known in my hometown in Albay, Philippines. They were alike yet different--Tasyon, with her waist-length black hair and simple dresses, and Conching with her neatly-combed short hair, nice dresses with a belt accentuating her petite frame, and a dainty hand bag. Tasyon was... Continue Reading →

Mga Salawikaing Pilipino

Magandang araw sainyong lahat. (Good day to all of you.) Bago matapos ang Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa, nais kong ibahagi ang ilang mga salawikain na sumasalamin sa mga pilosopiya at nagpapakita ng mga asal na mahalaga para sa mga Pilipino. Masasabi rin na ang mga salawikain ay nagdadagdag ng kulay sa wikang Pambansa sa pagpapahayag... Continue Reading →

Filipino Cuisine in Paris

In my February 3 entry, I wrote about the first Philippine food festival in Paris where I mentioned the only Filipino restaurant in the city--BoBi, located at 17 rue Oberkampf. Many things happened since then (COVID-19 cases, lockdown in France, etc.) but finally, I was able to visit the place recently. I liked it--the ambiance,... Continue Reading →

This ‘n That

It's another weekend again. Aside from resting, catching up on my recent fave Netflix series Anne with an E, getting in touch with my family and friends, and preparing sumptuous home-cooked meals, I had in mind to write about Dr. Jose P. Rizal, the Philippine national hero, whose 159th birthday Filipinos are commemorating on 19... Continue Reading →

Lav Diaz, a great Filipino artist

Paris, January 2020: I had the most wonderful opportunity to meet Mr. Lavrente Indico Diaz, or more popularly known as Lav Diaz. The "ideological father of the new Filipino cinema," his films were featured in the exhibition in Paris in January 2020, when he participated in the 15th edition of the Hors Piste Festival at the... Continue Reading →

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