Something Sweet for Valentine’s Day

I have a recent sweet fascination.

It offers a sweet surprise. 

It differs from place to place. 

Variety is what makes it exciting.

Guess what it is? 

No, I’m not talking about flowers or chocolates or those cute stuffed toys young lovers give each other. I don’t mean chocochip cookies nor blueberry muffins nor cinnamon buns.

I meant café gourmand usually served in French cafes. So take a look at some of these photos: 

What I like from café gourmand is that no two cafés are the same with the sweets served with coffee. Sometimes, the combination is good; sometimes not so much. But since I love sweets, plus I find the presentation of the coffee plus mignardises interesting, I don’t mind too much.

Every café serves its own version of café gourmand.

I learned from my French friend that it is possible to order thé gourmand and that you may also change the espresso to a usual cup (the latter isn’t as bitter). But so far, I haven’t tried the other two options, trying to get used to the bitter taste of pure coffee. 

Probably, I will when I visit a new French café next time.

Happy Valentine’s day to everyone. Stay sweet.

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