You Are Woman

Happy International Women’s Day! ❤

Sharing with you a poem I penned three years ago today.

The softness of the moonlight,

The warmth of the early morning sun,

The cheery colors of the rainbow,

The gurgle of water in the stream,

The refreshing coolness of the sea breeze,

The welcoming shade of the verdant trees.

All these, God put in you.

You are woman.

Your eyes have the look of genuine love;

The softness of your arm gently cradles a newborn;

Your smile can put a smile back on a tear-stained face;

Your hugs can melt a frozen heart;

Your soothing voice can vanish a child’s fear;

Your kind voice can soften life’s jagged edges.

In all these, you have the innate power.

You are woman.

You may be weak, but you are strong.

You may be hurt, but you get up.

You’re naturally beautiful.

You’re given by God the power to create and sustain life.

You can do much to make the world happier and kinder.

Don’t let the harshness of the world mar your beauty.

Take good care of your body; nourish your soul.

You are woman.

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