Choosing to See Beauty

2020 started as a promising year. New decade. New plans. New dreams.

But COVID-19 came bringing with it an ever-present health threat. Not only that–it also brought with it death, economic losses for countries, a decline in countries’ tourism, an increasing percentage of unemployment, uncertainty for the future, and a challenge to people’s well-being.

The lockdown and the regulations instituted because of the pandemic showed the glaring gap between the haves and have-nots. They showed the difference between those who can break the law with impunity and those who are immediately meted out punishment. While some could relax, do their hobbies and continue to do their work albeit with safety precautions in place, others have to struggle just for their family to be able to eat twice a day and constantly worry about their livelihood.

In addition to that, the health problem brought about by COVID-19 hasn’t disappeared. In fact, even in countries with efficient anti COVID-19 measures, clusters of the infection have resurfaced partly because of the lifting of the lockdown, increased mobility of people in the past two months, and in some cases, the disregard for the gravity of the situation. It’s also because of some people’s mentality that life-has-to-go-on-thus-no-virus-can-stop-me or not-wearing-a-mask-makes-the-viral-threat-less-grave or virus-or-no-virus-you’ll-die-anyway-if-it’s-your-time.

Oh, let me go back to the original reason why I wanted to write today. Not COVID (although I do want to tell you all to take care of yourselves). It’s the weekend and the day is beautiful with the sun up and the cool wind gently blowing. And suddenly, I feel that the clouds which seemed to hang over me in the past two weeks were thinning out. So, I would like to share to you my thoughts on seeing beauty around you. 🙂

It is not easy to see beauty and find things that will make you enthusiastic from day to day when things aren’t going well. During days like this, it takes effort to be upbeat and motivated, but it’s always worth a try. So, I’d like to share to you my list:

  • Seeing colorful and lovely blooms during the Parisian summer. ❤

  • Being able to explore Paris again. 🙂
Look at that lovely ceiling in the Cluny- La Sorbonne metro station in Paris!

  • Going to church again. The churches have reopened and it feels heartwarming to be able to enter them again. I have been to three different churches/chapels since the lockdown was lifted. There are measures put in place such as registering to attend the mass, wearing masks and social distancing.

  • Discovering a bookstore that is open on a Sunday and finding some really great books. 🙂
At Boulinier on Blvd. St. Michel
  • Having a sumptous weekend breakfast.
This reminds me of the inspiring meme “Life is pain au chocolat.”
  • Having heart-to-heart conversations with friends. ❤
Photo by Valeriia Miller on
  • Wearing my floral outfits (to make summer come to me?) before winter comes again. 😀
  • Listening to the stories and how-are-yous of family members and loved ones.
  • Joining a virtual birthday celebration. (Belated happy birthday to my sisters Leah and Lani.)
My pretty and talented sisters Leah and Lani ❤

What about you? Did you notice the blue sky? Did you see the towering green trees? Did you watch some great movies? Did you catch up with a dear friend whom you haven’t talked to for years? Did you receive a message of concern?

It is good to remember that one must appreciate the little things that happen day by day and to do things that one loves.

I wish you all a great weekend. May you find the beauty of each day. May you meet wonderful people who inspire you. May your worries go away with each prayer. Take care. ❤

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  1. Mabuhay ang kagandahan!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. emi_f says:

      Salamat Eduardo. Mabuhay! 🙂 Maaari mo rin bang ibahagi ang mga magagandang bagay na nakita mo ngayong mga panahon na ito?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ang nakita ko ay ang bayanihan ng mga Pilipino dito na may trabaho pa na namalengke para sa kanilang mga kabayan na nawalan ng trabaho dahil sa lockdown. Pambihira talaga!
        Hindi umiiral ang ganitong tulong-tulong sa gitna ng mga kabayan ko

        Liked by 1 person

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