Happy Yuletide!

It is the time of the year again when families and loved ones gather.

This year is different from the previous years when family and loved ones can come together and have big celebrations. For some, it is even more difficult because of losing a loved one, having the business closed, and being laid off from work.

But still, Christmas 2020 is a reason to celebrate. We have come this far since the pandemic started and we made it though all the challenges brought with it.

This Christmas time, I wish you all the love of family and friends, good health and peace of mind. 🙂

In whatever way you choose to celebrate it–being with family and friends, having a video call with your loved ones, sitting on top of a hill while watching the view of the city/province below, curling up in bed with your favorite novel, watching a new Netflix series, walking around your neighborhood, spending time with nature, catching up on your hobbies, baking a cake with a golden brown crust, or just sitting in your quiet kitchen while sipping hot chocolate–I wish you all the joy and warmth of the Yuletide. ❤

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