Of Snowflakes and Rainbows

The past weekend was unlike any of the weekends that passed by in Paris for the longest time–it was a magical time of snowflakes and rainbows.

Looking out of my apartment window in the calm Saturday morning, I saw dainty snowflakes, seemingly light as down feathers, gently falling from the sky. It was a sight to behold since it was the first day of snow in Paris. In just an hour, the leaves of trees, once green were decorated with a soft-white cover and the once little and sparse snowflakes looked bigger and more numerous.

It felt relaxing looking at the view. It was like nature was once again showcasing its wonder and beauty. I felt glad that it was a weekend and that I could bask in the moment. Otherwise, I would be at my desk at work, totally oblivious to this lovely sight.

I went out in the early afternoon, grinning like a child as the snow fell on me. I was expecting it would still continue but at around 4pm, after staying two hours working indoors, it just rained making the pavements slippery and casting a dreary ambiance to the surroundings.

Next day, I was hoping to see again the flurry whites from my window as I listened to Michael Buble’s “Home” and Maroon 5’s “Sunday Morning” but it turned out that the sun was up, possibly melting the tiniest possibility of snow in the atmosphere. ^_^

Look up! See that rainbow? šŸ™‚
Lovely Eiffel with an arc of beautiful hues

But wow! During my afternoon walk, when I was least expecting it, I saw a beautiful arc of colors in the sky. It was lovely. It did not last long too; but the rainbow showed itself long enough for people–families, friends, lovers, tourists, lone wanderers to gaze at the Parisian sky and momentarily feel and be enchanted by its magic.

Author’s Notes:

  • It was also my dear daughter’s birthday last weekend, which made it all the more special. ā¤
  • I was wondering, if snows and rainbows were everyday occurrences, would we appreciate them as much? Probably not, but they would still look lovely.
  • And have you imagined sliding down the rainbow’s perfect curve and finding a pot of gold at the end? Or sliding down the rainbow and landing on soft, cottony clouds. Ahh…imagination is such a wonderful thing.

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