Marching Forward

March is Women’s Month. (Hi to all women reading this blog right now.)

It is the advent of spring.

It is the last month of the first quarter of the year, which makes us realize that time indeed flies.

It is also the time when the weather in Europe becomes unpredictable — sunny one day and cold the next, clear blue skies but with gusts of cold wind, sun on your face but still needing to don a winter coat at times.

Here in Paris, streets have become livelier as more people go out during weekends to go to shops, take a walk, have a picnic, travel to some areas for a day trip at the outskirts of the city. In fact, I have not seen so many cars and people out in the streets as last weekend.

The 6PM curfew has not been lifted yet so, that somehow still limits the time for people to stay outside. Although, upon observation, there is no frantic rush of people going home and trying to catch a ride in the minutes leading to the curfew. There’s still a carefree, relaxed ambiance.

People dancing the Sunday afternoon away in Paris
People checking out some antique dinnerware on a street stall in Paris on a weekend.

Most establishments, including big malls, are still closed but markets and small shops are now open at designated days or times.

A relaxing view by the Seine River as I was enjoying the sun on a weekend

So, how are you? Are things better in 2021? Were you able to move around a bit? Do you see a going back to normal in your surroundings? How are things at work and at home? Does the current situation hamper you from the activities that you want to do? Or have you gotten used to the way things are?

Whatever it is, I hope that this month, we could all march forward– move forward in our goals, envision our next steps, or simply be proud of ourselves for handling the challenges in our work and personal lives thus far.

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