A Thousand Words

A few weeks before I departed from Paris to go back to the Philippines in September 2021, I had a sudden idea. One weekend, I made it happen through the help of two people, one, a dear friend, and the other a Paris-based Filipino artist who encouraged me and thought that the idea was a great one.

I may have spent almost four (4) years in the City of Lights, one of the 4 major fashion capitals in the world, but I never considered myself fashionable. I just wore what I liked at the moment and what is comfortable for that day or occasion.

So, I was thrilled that one Saturday, for over an hour, from late afternoon to early evening, I walked along my favorite spots for my regular stroll in the city, being followed by a camera and a softbox. I even planned a quick change of clothes along the way, without needing a room or complicated change of attires. I only requested the photographer to capture the beauty of the natural surroundings as well as the architecture of Paris and I believe, he was perfectly able to do just that!

These are selected pictures from that unforgettable afternoon, taken by world-renowned Filipino artist and photographer, Ryan Arbilo:

After a first series of shots, I hid behind a tree to change into a new outfit, a comfortable one-piece back dress:

Would you believe that all my clothes changes fit in this canvas bag that my friend so kindly carried for me? ^_^

Then to modify the look, I removed my beret and put on a red coat:

This was a perfectly-timed photo at the golden hour. ^_^
Of course, I had to wear Filipiniana for the final set of photos.

Thank you so much, Ryan for making me feel that it’s the most natural thing in the world to suddenly have the urge to have a photoshoot. 😉 It certainly was a memorable time! ❤

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  1. ayesha_lori says:

    WOW!!! 😍 Model na model! Love it! 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Emi_F says:

      Salamat, Ate. ❤


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