The Magic of the Earth

There is something magical about the Earth. Each day, thousands of seedlings push around the dark, damp earth and move towards the sunlight. They grow, at first, a tiny bit of green but then they become taller and wider and sturdier.

Each day, the earth nourishes grains, vegetables and fruits that feed the billions of people on the planet. From the farmers’ hardworking and loving hands, products are harvested and these nourish the people, supplying us with much needed energy, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Abie and I at the cassava patch in our backyard in Albay (Philippines) many summers ago

Oasis in a dessert, tundra and rainforests, plains and mountains, hills and valleys, all of these and more are on the Earth, every part of which is a home to different fauna and flora.

All plants are wonderful but some stand out from the rest — the rainbow tree from the Philippines, the baobab tree from Africa and Australia, the Socotra dragon’s blood tree from Yemen, and many more, some of which are mentioned by Then we have roots’ social network, also called mycorrhizas, in which trees communicate with one another. Look up in a area planted with trees and you will notice the marvelous phenomenon of crown shyness. Some studies suggest that this allows trees to share resources, prevent damage, and even makes it possible for sunlight to reach the forest floor.

My twin sisters, enjoying a stroll in Farm Plate located in Daraga, Albay

Those who love nature walks attest to the fact that being surrounded by the pristine and quiet environment of green and brown calms the mind and heals the soul. A lot of literature has been written about it such as the works of Henry David Thoreau, Joy Adamson and many other authors. Also, many adore the beauty of the stars at night, the lovely melancholy of the sunset, the uplifting vibe of the sunrise, the smell of the grassy earth after the rain, and the captivating dance of fireflies. Netflix provides us with plenty of nature documentaries–Our Planet, Animal, Fantastic Fungi, Puff Wonders of the Reef, Dancing with the Birds, and many more.

While these may be refreshing to watch, I suggest you go out, spend some time under the trees, walk with the grass under your feet, marvel at stones and pebbles, let the warmth of the sun caress you, breathe in the fresh air, and feel what the Earth is telling you.

The wonderful feeling nature gives cannot be explained by science alone. It’s part of the mystery, the magic of the earth.

Author’s note: The featured image is an unfiltered shot of Mayon Volcano in Albay, coyly hiding from spectators. 🙂

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  1. Charles says:

    In Brazil I explored eating random plants and flowers. Can’t wait to try in the Philippines! But with a book to guide me! xD

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    1. Emi_F says:

      Hi. Not sure if I can recommend eating random plants. Might be unsuitable for humans. You may check this link for edible plants in the Philippines: There are also other sources online. 🙂


  2. Great little post and an incredibly fascinating story Emi, thanks for sharing this with us!

    Reminds me of wonderful time I had with my wife in a teeny tiny South Asian hidden gem of a country, Sri Lanka.

    It was an incredible experience from people to places to architecture to all the experiences that we’ve gathered, such a magnificent place to be and it was an one for the memory vaults.

    You can read the full story here,

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    1. Emi_F says:

      Thanks for the beautiful words, Sach, and for recommending “Trincomalee.” It’s the first time I learned about this place. I will consider it as one of the places to visit in the future. 😉

      Please say hi to your lovely wife, for me.


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