A Dash of Salt

It’s a weekend. You are in the kitchen wearing an apron, while the most delicious scent wafts in the air. You get a spoon, taste the sauce a little, wrinkle your nose a bit, add a dash of salt, taste the dish again, and smile.

Yes! That’s what 1/8 of a teaspoon does.

Now, imagine a different situation. You’re on the road, while the cars inch little by little. Or you’re trying to finish a complicated report. Or you’re trying to write an inspirational speech, when you’re listless and uninspired. Or someone said something unpleasant. Or you feel unappreciated despite your efforts. Or simply, you’re in one of those “What am I doing with my life?” moods.

While these situations are far from the scenario of being in a kitchen surrounded by a wonderful smell, I think that adding a “dash of salt” to your day, can make it better.

People, I think, are trying their best most of the time, except in certain instances when they just feel unwell, not just physically but also emotionally and mentally. I know that some situations cannot be reduced to this simple explanation, but I just would like to say that being aware that you can turn a bad day around by doing little things might be helpful.

You may listen to music. Pen a “Hi. How have you been?” to an old friend that you’ve not been in touch with. Take a coffee break. Bring out that sketch pad that you haven’t removed from your drawer in months. Be silly and look up the photo of a previous celebrity crush when you were younger. Eat a salted caramel cookie. Think of an activity that you want to do and make a tentative plan — learn a new language? attend swimming lessons? do first-aid training and so on.

Pause and breathe. You’ll be okay. It’ll pass…

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