I am awed at professional athletes and musicians, researchers and scientists, leaders of advocacy groups, and anyone who has maintained his/her zeal and enthusiasm in attaining his/her goals for years, despite the odds.

Can you imagine training ten (10) hours or more a day going over the same routine, practicing the same movement over and over again?

Do you still doubt the dedication of researchers and scientists who gather thousands of data, pore over millions of books and previous researches, and conduct an experiment countless times just to test hypotheses and theories?

I hold leaders and members of advocacy groups in high regard, especially those that take care of the environment and its flora and fauna, protect people’s rights, ensure the welfare of marginalized groups, and uphold truth and justice. They may have faced threats to their lives, budget shortages, and other obstacles; but they persisted.

Do you do the same? Can you do the same?

As much as possible, I do my work/projects well, but in the past years, I have worked on constantly being persistent beyond the work environment, my belief in the goal to be accomplished, my own personal moods, and my respect for the person giving the instructions.

When I was doing both my researches both for my Undergrad and my Master’s Degree, I recall the fluctuating interest and inspirations, days of dogged determination, and moments of doubts and questioning the significance of the study. It both helped and didn’t that both researches were done individually ’cause I could work on my own as much as I could and that I could answer any question about any part and phase of the research, but that I’d have no motivation on certain days.

I recalled the nauseous feeling of looking at my research draft on the computer screen for the nth time. In the same way, I recalled the feeling of triumph after my researches were completed and approved after the revisions.

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Inspiration plays a role in making me do well to the best of my ability. But in several instances, I managed to finish my tasks without it, considering the demands of the day to day work life. It helps a lot that the goal is clear and when it’s for the betterment of the organization. It also is useful to bear in mind that in an organization every person has a role to play; every little contribution matters.

Have you thought of throwing in the towel at the end of a particularly exhausting and frustrating day? It’s tempting, isn’t it?

But don’t. Just persist and soon, you’ll be able to achieve what you planned and what you’re hoping for.

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  1. DJRA says:

    This post is my current mood. 😀

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