“Yes. The energy level is beyond the ceiling. 🤩 Amazing performance!”

That was my first reply to a work colleague’s and friend’s message as I went home at past 11 p.m. after the Moscow Gala Concert featuring the Moscow academic dance theatre, “GZHEL”, held at the Aliw Theatre (Elizalde Hall) on 30 January 2023.

She had asked me if I enjoyed the show and thanked me then for our Office’s support for the event and for helping disseminate information and invitations in just a few days’ time.

Indeed, it was true. Never had I seen a more energetic dance performance. Much thought has also been given to the choreography, costumes, the backdrop, and the stage design. It was a marvelous number after every equally awe-inspiring performance.

I was thinking, while admiring the show, what meal did the dancers eat to sustain their energy during the more than one hour performance? What exercise did they have have to do for a certain length of time to achieve the needed physique and stamina? How did they manage the performance with so much synchronicity? Where did they get inspiration for their choreography and overall stage design? How did they manage costume changes so fast? In two (2) dances, what foot steps did they do to appear like they’re moving like battery-powered beautiful mannequins? Overall, how did they achieve perfection? And so on… (I know. I should have just focused on the show and enjoyed the experience. But that’s me, always wondering and asking questions. ^_^)

What I said about perfection is true. It’s my first time to watch Gzhel and I was awestruck. I hope to be able to watch another performance.

I also believe that the audience shared my sentiment as attested by the loud applause and “bravos” that filled the air.

This is also what is good about cultural diplomacy (which is my current portfolio). It’s a way of bringing people together despite the differences in views. Some people may not have watched the show because of certain principles and that’s understandable.

However, the beauty of art should be allowed to flourish. Its power to link people and cultures should not be hindered.

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