It Would Be Nice… (Part 1)

(A tribute to Studio Ghibli)

It would be thrilling to drive like Lisa,

Up and down the mountain trail;

It would be nice to be like Ponyo,

Finding love at five, and shedding her fish tail;

Live in a pretty house atop a cliff,

To give light to sailors and ships, so they won’t drift.

Have a tasty ramen and tea with Sosuke, when the weather turns ugly,

Or walk along the beach and dip my feet to the sea.

It would be nice to be like Mei and Satsuki,

Just playing all day long ang laughing heartily;

It would be nice to meet Totoro,

And sleep on his soft and furry tummy;

It would be cheery to ride Nekobasu all around town,

With his big eyes lighting up, when on the hills, we go up and down;

Sit on the branches beside the owls, high above the trees,

And see the night’s beauty when the world goes asleep.

It would be nice to be like Chihiro,

Go to an adventure with my Mom and Dad;

It would be nice to sample those heaps of delectable dishes,

But no! I am afraid I would turn into a plump, snorting hog;

I’d like to work with Kamaji to make everyone fresh and clean,

With some help from the cute susuwataris, who like brightly-colored, star-shaped bits.

It would be nice to meet Haku, that strong and handsome lad,

And help settle amicably, whatever made Yubaba’s twin sister mad.

I think, I’d look lovely wearing Sophie’s hats,

With their dainty designs, soft lace, red and pink ribbons;

It would be nice to be escorted by good-looking Howl to my destination,

Away from the guards, prying eyes, and big crowds;

It would be nice to fry sunny-side-up eggs, the Howl way,

And live in the moving castle, to chat with fretful but adorable Calcifer;

It would be nice to help bring a stop to war between two kingdoms,

By revealing that Prince Justin was never really lost.

Sailing in the winds looks like fun, right Nausicaa?

It would be nice if you let me ride your glider into the wide, blue sky.

It would be great to fashion  a shield from the shell of an Ohm,

To be as good as Master Yupa, when battling the Valley’s foes;

It would be nice to have my pet play with Teto,

Just as long as they wouldn’t go to the Sea of Decay;

It would be nice to discover an unpolluted world, untainted and pure,

Where people and animals live in sweet harmony with nature. ❤

Featured movies:

Ponyo, My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind


Ponyo should use her real name Brunhilde when she becomes a teenager. Haha! 😀 I also would like to know the love story of Ponyo’s mom and dad. ❤ I’m not too sure if I want susuwataris peeping from my bookshelves and at the corner of my ceilings. They’re cute, though. Are their coats soft or prickly? 😀 Also, Princess Nausicaa and Princess Kushana should join forces. They’ll accomplish a lot of great things as allies. 🙂 I love Mei and Satsuki’s laughter. It should be prescribed to anyone feeling down and blue. 🙂

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