It Would Be Nice… (Part 2)

It would be nice to ride a boat and chat with Toichi,

And listen to him say words that are more than three;

It would be nice to have Marnie’s gold and curly tresses,

Her sweet smile, dazzling earrings, and pretty dresses;

It’s frightening to go to the ancient silo late at night,

Where ghosts are said to roam and where the wind blows with all its might;

It would be nice to hug Anna, the sweet child of Emily,

To share a meal with the Oiwas in Kissakibetsu and comfort her Auntie.

It would be nice to make a cube of sugar last all year round,

Boil a single leaf to make aromatic green tea for everyone;

It’s sure to be a big challenge going up and down the ladders and pipes,

Carrying a rope with an anchor, bag and flash light;

It would be nice to find a pin and use it as a weapon,

Very much like who Spiller uses his bow and arrow for protection;

It would be great to meet Sho, a warmhearted and caring friend,

To love your family dearly and stay with them through thick and thin;

It be great to meet the archmage Sparrowhawk and learn a magic skill,

Walk around the lively streets, fight bad guys, stop people from taking the deadly pill,

It would be nice to talk with Prince Arren, ease the burden off his chest,

And make him realize that harming others is not the best;

It would be pleasing to meet Therru and Tenar, two strong females,

Who stood their ground and were never afraid when Lord Cob’s soldiers came;

How great it would be to see dragons and discover the elixir of life,

But ensure that in the process, balance will not be upset and no troubles will be rife.

It would be great to ride with Kiki, up there in the sky,

And help her deliver any package like a toy cat and a pie;

It would be nice to stay in an attic having a window with an ocean view,

Have pancake and sausage for breakfast, and some milk too;

It would be cute to have a pet like Jiji, a funny and outspoken one,

To remind me to calm down when I overreact or when I’m feeling so down;

It would be cool to have a friend like Tombo, who loves bikes and planes,

And have a pretty mom who can make potions and medicine to cure Grandma’s pain.

It would be nice to fly to the sky, up in the clouds and visit a castle,

Full of all riches, tantalizing treasures and immense scientific power;

It would be nice to accompany Uncle Pomme in the underground mines,

Listen to the message of the rocks, watch the ground and cave walls shine;

It would be nice to have an ancient name, discover you’re part of the royal line,

Be an heiress to the throne and be in the possession of a powerful crystal;

It would be great to have a reliable friend like Pazu,

Who is kind, fearless and will surely rescue you.

Featured Movies: When Marnie was There, Arriety, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Tales from Earthsea, Castle in the Sky


When Marnie Was There is a sad movie. The theme (involving child neglect, bullying, bipolar disorder, and adoption issues, although it has a happy ending) may be bit heavy for children.

Castle in the Sky is a fast-paced, action-filled movie with all its heart-stopping car chases and fight scenes. I hated the pirates in the beginning but I loved them in the end, unlike the ambitious Colonel Muska and the violent General Mouro.

In Arriety, Haru is a hateful character, especially since she seemed nice in the beginning. It seems that characters who are already bad from the start are more acceptable than those who hid their evil nature in the beginning.

Jiji, the opiniated black cat in Kiki’s Delivery Service uttered the funniest lines in the movie. “At this rate, I’ll be a white cat by morning” and “I was afraid you were going to deliver it to the angels” (and more lines) made me really laugh. ^_^ Kiki is certainly cute but with Jiji, the movie became more adorable.

As to Lord Cob (in Tales of Earthsea), he may be a depiction of man’s insatiable desires and greed. He looked really frightening towards the end, with his big, saucer-like eyes, with its whirling depths. Adding the issue of human slavery and parricide made the movie serious, but it can be a way to introduce these topics to children and how bad both actions are.

Castle in the Sky is remarkable. It’s a simple story of finding a treasure city. It’s about discovering one’s identity, understanding that power can corrupt, knowing the beauty of friendship, and searching for the truth. It reminded me of the lost city of Atlantis. (Did this city really exist?)

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