This ‘n That

It’s another weekend again. Aside from resting, catching up on my recent fave Netflix series Anne with an E, getting in touch with my family and friends, and preparing sumptuous home-cooked meals, I had in mind to write about Dr. Jose P. Rizal, the Philippine national hero, whose 159th birthday Filipinos are commemorating on 19 June 2020. However, the essay, despite my many ideas about it, hasn’t become a cohesive article yet, probably because my mind was thinking about this ‘n that–the flurry of work tasks during the week, my upcoming talk on language and the pandemic, my next travel plans, and so on.

A scene from Season 3 of Anne with an E ❤

Because it’s a Saturday, I relished the Pinoy breakfast I had–rice, longganisa, scrambled eggs, fresh banana for dessert and a cup of steaming coffee with milk. This made me feel close to home and to my mom’s cooking.

Also, even though it required waking up early, I loved joining our UP Manila Toastmasters Club meeting. This Saturday’s session was a Speakathon, to give time for all those working on their speech projects to deliver their speeches before the TM year ends (by the end of June). I had the role of an evaluator, in which I evaluated the speech titled “The Mad Flux.”

It likewise seemed a great idea to go to a museum or a historical place somewhere in the afternoon. I even wondered if one of my favorite shops in Paris “Sel et Poivre” was open. I have stumbled upon this shop during one of my walks and loved the place–it’s a small shop but there are varied items, the designs are not common (unlike commercially-produced ones) and I’ve bought some small items there as gifts to my friends. Most of all, the owner is a charming lady who tolerates my poor French language skills. 😉

But sitting on the sofa, I realized I was tired and a bit sleepy so I just allowed myself to rest. I did go to the mall though in the early evening. I was thrilled to be there again after three months!

It’s heartwarming to see that Paris is alive once again. ❤ In the early evening, the mall had a sizeable crowd, cafes were full, many were jogging, many were out for a walk, grocery stores were open, and small groups were happily chatting along the banks of the Seine River. I sat on a bench, where five pigeons gladly joined me, perching on the cemented fence a foot away from me, while observing social distancing. 😉

On my way home, stopped a bit, I did a quick sketch of the view before me, using my newly-bought sketch pad. It’s not as beautiful as the real view, but it’s a good start. 😀

To everyone, may you have an enjoyable and restful weekend.

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