Kuy, Kuts and Kits (also featuring Nimbus, Ember and Oattie)

(It’s International Cat Day so I’m sharing a write-up I wrote in December 2011 about our pet cats.)

We have three pet kittens—one is gray with black stripes, another is white with a splotch of golden brown, and the third one is like an abstract painting with splashes of white, black and gold.

We named kitten 1 Kuy, kitten 2 Kuts, and kitten 3 Kits. They have been with us for almost a year now. We found Kuy sleeping under our neighbor’s car. Kuy was found shivering under a lamp post last December 24, 2010, a block away from our house, as we were returning home after the Christmas mass. Kits was found in front of a grocery store along Quirino Highway last February 2010, during my birthday, and I picked her up on my way home.

Kuy, the only guy in the group is the one who greets me when I arrive home from work. He loves to climb up and down the window screen so I call him “Commando Kuy.” He was the first among the three to figure out that there is another door to go inside the house, so if he is not allowed to stay in the main house, he’d go out of the door of the laundry area, run to the front door, then meow and meow loudly at the doorstep until we give in and let him in. He loves attention. For example, if I’m walking around the house and ignores him, he’d flop his body heavily against my feet and wait to be noticed. 😀

Kuts loves bread. She’s the one who meows pleadingly when I return home after buying hot pandesal from a nearby bakery early in the morning. (Kuy just watches as she nibbles the pandesal.) She’s also the most competitive when it comes to games. If I tie a ribbon to a string and let the colorful piece of cloth wiggle-waggle, Kutz would be the most intent to catch the “prize,” her eyes turning almost black. Once, as I was playing with her, my mom called me, so for a few seconds, my attention was distracted from the string I was holding. The result? I got a red, long scratch on my right thumb. :p Ouch!

Regarding Kits, she’s the cutest now, with a round face, eyes, and body. I remember seeing her for the first time. She was so weak she could barely walk. Her meow was scarcely above a whisper, and she’d hiss literally if you would as much as go near her. Now, she craves affection. She’d follow you around the house and rub her body against your feet. Most of the time, I’d pat her head but sometimes, when I’m upset about something or too tired from work, I would shoo her away or carry her outside the dining area and close the door. 😦 Kits loves to eat plants. She’s the one who loves to nibble the leaves of our potted plants. At first, I scolded her because those plants are special to me but I don’t anymore, knowing she’d just outgrow that habit. 😀 (Those plants have been transferred from Bagumbong Caloocan, then to T. Sora, then to Novaliches, places where we resided. I planted them with care.)

For certain, the three have different characters but we love them just the same. They all used to be stray kittens but not anymore. 🙂 They go along well—run around the house, wrestle, eat together. They prefer to sleep separately, so imagine my surprise when I found the three all huddled together in a small, rounded, green, pail cover around 4AM as I was preparing to take an early bath. The way they were positioned looked like a modified version of yin and yang.

A sketch of the 3 kittens by Leah

Tonight, another teeny-weeny stray cat found its way to our doorstep. ❤ It’s white but the fur is full of dust and grime. At the moment, it has eaten dinner. Not only that, my youngest siblings (Leah and Lani) who adore cats, have given it a quick bath using an aromatic shampoo, and have given it a name too. Well, what can I say? It seems that Kuy, Kutz and Kitz have gotten company for Christmas. 🙂

8 August 2020

Now, there are again three adopted kittens that bring cheer to our home in the Philippines. They are Nimbus (black), Ember (gray), and Oattie (striped, white-black-gray).

See how cute they are in these photos: ^_^

Bonding with the walis ting-ting, haha!
Playing with a ribbon is so much fun.
Sleep little ones ❤

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