Weekend Vibe

The soft rain pitter-pattering on the window ledge woke me up on Sunday morning and a peaceful feeling washed over me. I had the urge to pen a few lines of poetry on the writing pad that was on top of my bedside table.

How peaceful the morning seems

With the soft rain tapping on my window pane,

The sunlight streaming from the leaves of trees

Like magical rays that bring love and peace…

I had a hearty breakfast of bread with butter and jam, saucisson slices, coffee with cream, and orange juice. I then sent happy-weekend and how-are-you messages to my family and loved ones, while listening to music–oldies but goodies hits of the past decades. Then, I attentively watched a webinar, a project of the Embassy for OFWs, the third in a series of five.

The rest of the day was spent on chores, a bit of cooking, guitar-playing, video call with my family, and rearranging the books on my book shelf. (I was reminded of how I was very much behind my planned readings and promised to catch up on them.)

I love weekends because of the opportunity to rest and see something new, even in the usual places. 

With Abie during our weekend chat ❤

Yesterday, after attending the online meeting of my organization, Toastmasters International, I was glad to go to the church once again and attend the holy mass. After, I strolled along Avenue Champs Élysées and nearby areas and along the Seine River. There was quite a good number of people out to spend the weekend. On one side of the Avenue, a sizeable crowd gathered to watch the performance and entertaining antics of a performer who was dancing and telling jokes.

Pont Alexandre III is said to be the most beautiful bridge in Paris

I walked with a companion to Pont Alexandre III and stayed for a time along the Seine River, marvelling at the glittering lights and the reflection of the lights on the water’s surface. I have taken numerous photos of the Eiffel Tower, but this time from a different angle and I was happy with this seemingly common but wonderful change of view. I just love the weekend vibe–this carefree, light and wonderful feeling.

There is poetry and magic in the cool evening air.

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