January 2021

It is the last working day of the first month of 2021. It just seemed yesterday when January 4 came, bringing with it both the anticipation and thrill of the new year, the reluctance to part with the fun and free holidays that offered respite to everyone working hard all year long, and the hesitation to get up in a dark and cold winter morning to arrive on time for work.

How has your month been? Was it good? Did you make good on your resolutions, if you had any? Did you vow to make some changes to make this year different from 2020? Or did you focus on living each day, appreciating your blessings of life, health and family?

Here in France, the curfew was moved to 6 o’clock in the evening by midmonth to curb the rising cases of COVID-19. That meant no more evening walks, no more shoppings after work, and no more socializing in the evening. The restaurants, shops, grocery stores close at 6PM. Museums remain closed. I remembered during the yearend, I was looking forward to exploring the city more by visiting new cafes, museums, exhibits, gardens, etc. but that has to be delayed for now. When I pass by closed restaurants and shops, I would think about the business owners and their employees and how they are managing their economic situation.

At work, with the start of the 6PM (previously 8PM) curfew by January 16, 2021, our office hours were moved earlier so that we could still complete the work hours and get home by 6PM. The first few days were a bit difficult but eventually, it became usual.

So, what’s in store for February 2021? Will the curfew be changed? Will some countries extend their lockdown? Will there be changes in the travel restrictions imposed by countries? Will COVID-19 simply disappear into thin air? We cannot know the details for certain.

But kudos to everyone for surviving and striving the first month of the year. Let us hope for better months and days. But let us not forget to live each day, notice the tiny miracles and celebrate small victories, even the simplest (such as making a perfect mug cake, or waking up on time everyday, or finishing your favorite Netflix documentary).

I wish you all the best. ❤

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  1. Pareho dito: sarado lahat after 6pm

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