Kumusta is a Tagalog word used to ask “How are you?” Or if you’d like the sentence to be complete grammatically, you can ask “Kumusta ka?”

We usually ask other people this question. But have you asked yourself “Kumusta ka?” “Okey ka lang ba?” (Are you okay?)

I hope that you can readily answer “Mabuti!” (I’m fine. I’m okay.) If not, if you find yourself sighing, then take heart. Things will be all right. Whatever it is that is troubling you, it will pass.

Take some rest. Call a friend. Listen to a song. Write on your journal. Watch a heartwarming movie. Go for a walk, a road trip, a food trip. Watch the sunset. Pray.

If the situation is overwhelming, pause first. Cry if you must. But then, continue. Go on with life. Take things in stride. ❤ You are doing well.

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