To you, little one

Welcome to the world. ❤

You, a wonderful creation from the love of your parents, a miracle of life, a child of both the earth and of the universe, mortality running in your veins, yet with a bit of the cosmos’ timelessness.

I cannot say how the world will be by the time you gain consciousness of your surroundings and by the time you are able to form your views about the things you will see and you will experience. People say that that the world is getting more complex as time passes by, and that things will be more complicated to those born in this era.

In a way, yes, it’s true. Filth is thrown to the earth day by day. The Earth’s forest cover diminish every day. More trash is thrown to the rivers, seas and oceans. Smoke and pollutants find their way to the atmosphere, creating an acrid smell.

Information bombards people every minute. With this surge of information coming from different sources and platforms, come the plague of misinformation, deception, trickery, fakery. Why? Some create a different identity and reality. Bullies hiding in the anonymity of the screen spew vile. Proud bullies make themselves known, imposing their twisted beliefs, and attacking anyone, anything.

Inequality becomes more pronounced, such that it is not a surprising sight to see a towering, glittery mansion, with decrepit, decaying cardboard houses in the same area. It’s a place where those who till the land to produce food are struggling to eat enough and properly and earn sufficiently for their families’ needs.

It is a world where some leaders think that there’s nothing wrong with annihilating people, depriving them of life, liberty, and property, where power and wealth rule. This world spent years forming strong alliances among countries, yet the strong prey on the weak.

My little one, I do not intend to make you worry. Also, I am writing this not to make you feel depressed. It is to tell you the truth. Years from now, you might come across this writing and get some insights from it. Also, I would like to share some observations and realizations about life, which I hope can help you in your own journey.

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One, life is beautiful but it can also be harsh. Be ready to face obstacles. But know that there is a silver lining in difficult situations.

Two, the world may be noisy but you can keep your peace within. This is possible if you live according to your beliefs, adhere to the truth, and if you maintain peace in your heart.

Three, there are billions of people in the world. Some you will cross paths with. Many, never. Maintain harmonious relationships with people. Some people are bad, disagreeable, malicious, vengeful. But do not let it get in the way of finding beautiful friendships, for there are also many angels in our midst.

Four, walk your own journey. Do what makes you happy while refraining from hurting anyone or harming the earth. Do not be pressured by the unrealistic demands of the society. Do not be fearful of the obstacles women face. Live fully. Be happy.

Your Mama, Papa, Lolo, Lola, Tiyo, Tiya, Ate and Kuya will be here for you. Aabangan namin ang unang salita, unang lakad, unang takbo, unang ngiti at unang halakhak mo. 🙂

Author’s Note: My niece was born today. I was transported to the time I was a new mom and wanted to tell my baby a lot of things. This is for you, Lilli.

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