I came across this #AfterSix series of interviews this year and I must say I was impressed. Hosted by Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Chairman Jaime A. Zobel de Ayala, the series features “key changemakers who share their journey towards building a better Philippines.”

The interviews are 15-minute long, fast-paced, straightforward and informative. They do not have the drama so common among talkshows, be it in terms of topic, music, or set-up. They do not need clickbait titles to attract attention. They appeared more of an easygoing conversation among colleagues or friends. The format was also well-planned such that guests are able to share their professional side, touch on their personal lives, and even show their funny side. Sharing anecdotes and being so candid even on quite controversial questions made the interviews refreshing and fun to watch and listen to.

There are only four episodes so far. Click these Youtube links and enjoy the wit, humor and substance!

I would like to say that I am not paid to promote these interviews. Haha! It is just really great to come across something refreshing in this world bombarded by information. The host was so natural, it did not seem like a talk show in front of the camera.

I observed that these “changemakers” interviewed have some qualities in common. They are all adept in the English language, very articulate, smart, well-educated, studied abroad, experienced living by themselves overseas, have a supportive family and have a privileged life. They were presented opportunities that many ordinary Filipino citizens do not have access to.

Another observation is their similar views in life and work ethic. They are not afraid of failure. They are aware that hard work and determination are very important. They have a clear vision of what they want and how they would like to make things things around them better.

So, watch, learn and be inspired.

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