The orange hues from the sky mesmerized me as I gazed outside the window.

Just a few minutes later, bursts of blue and gray subdued the orange shade.

I recall that the last time I was out in Manila Bay to watch the sunset was a year ago. That time, I requested my staff that we leave the office earlier than usual, not later than 5:15pm to still get the chance to view the setting sun. We rushed to Manila Bay, but we almost missed the sunset ’cause of the heavy traffic but I was already happy seeing the lovely ephemeral fusion of colors.

That’s I standing along Manila Bay embankment while viewing the last few glimmer of the setting sun.

Prior to this, my documented sunset was in March 2017, also along Manila Bay after a four-hour walking tour in Ermita.

But today, like most days, I’ll finish work way past the sunset. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? I don’t know. Comme d’habitude.

But it’d be nice to view one again soon, not just from my office window, but outside, seated by the shore, with the cool wind on my face and the calm music of the waves.

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