What are you good at?

In a not so recent past, somebody at work asked me “What are you good at? What do you love doing?” Under normal circumstances, I could readily answer those questions. But at that time, I uttered no words. I couldn’t say anything. I didn’t know how to answer.

It was at that moment when I realized that I was broken, more broken than I thought. Then I thought, oh yeah, it has been almost a year since I took any online course outside work; none interested me.

When previously, checking the courses offered by Coursera or Futurelearn, I could spot 10 or so courses that I wanted to study right on (about language, art, literature, diplomacy, international relations, psychology and so many more) that time, nothing piqued my interest. Also, I had no desire to share knowledge more than I was asked to or had to. This was the result of being vilified and for being victimized by half-truths.

Somehow, things have a way of getting better after sometime. Issues that affected me before didn’t worry me much anymore. I regained the joy in little things. I once again saw and felt the beauty around me — the warmth of the early morning sun, the aroma of coffee, the smell of old books, the quietness of weekends, the melodious strains of my guitar.

So how do you respond to the question “What are you good at?” I guess it depends on the context, whether it’s a friendly conversation, job interview, or gauging skills at work. But what is constant is that the response should come from self-reflection, an objective assessment of one’s skills and hobbies, and things that bring one joy in this sometimes pressuring and judgmental world.

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