Penultimate Month

November was not good to me. For some reasons, one unpleasant thing after another happened. A major project that I had been working on for over a month got postponed, then cancelled despite my efforts to make it push through. Then, three days after that, I had a major rift with my daughter who wanted to assert her independence. If these weren’t enough, I found out, when I was supposed to deposit money to my bank savings account a day after my daughter left, that someone has emptied my account in a span of two months.

For the first, the consultant had no qualms in suggesting cancellation even after a two-week postponement to address some issues. I felt really bad, and for the first time, I cried in my Office after realizing that nothing could be done anymore. It was so unlike me but I felt that it was so unfair.

As for the second, never had I felt that “You’re children are not your children…” by Kahlil Gibran so true.

As for the bank issue, it’s the worst so far. (I’ve had undispensed cash withdrawn outside the Philippines debited from my account and after several follow ups and accomplishment of forms required by the bank, nothing happened and I’m back to square one when I inquired.) I wanted to get the CCTV footage on that same day I discovered the theft but to do this, I was required to get a bank statement, notarize a document, and submit a CCTV request form, all with fees to be paid and took several days. How’d that feel? A good friend helped me file reports. I’m so thankful to her ’cause frankly, I didn’t have the energy anymore.

I have not been so unlucky since I got back. I blamed myself for not checking my bank account, assured with the thought that it’s safe in the bank, being so occupied with work. But then, I realized. I am not at fault. It’s that person’s who fraudulently and had a great time in his/her life getting another person’s hard-earned money and spending it himslf/herself.

I am not one who’s used to swearing. It’s not part of my system and it sounded so alien. But last month, I learned to swear under my breath. I felt that was necessary or I would have exploded or imploded; either way.

I also tried to bounce back. I attended an International Bazaar a day after I discover the bank theft, ’cause well, I bought the ticket prior. Also, I just focused on the little things and the small blessings I received.

So far, this month is promising to be better. Our Office just recently finished a weeklong major cultural training in which I was the overall coordinator. It went well. Here’s to hoping and wishing that the rest of the month will be okay.

Lessons Learned:

Make sure to check your finances. The fraudulent and unauthorized bank withdrawals were made from my personal savings account during the months of August and September 2022 but it was only in the last week of November that I noticed. (The bank should have notified me too. How I can possibly withdraw money in a different at times from 2-4 in the morning? And why would I withdraw a series of small amounts? It’s illogical.)

Some things are beyond our control. It sucks though especially if we really thought we got things figured out. But we shouldn’t allow these bad things to continue to make us feel miserable.

Some people are egregious. But there are angels in our midst. Be thankful for the latter.

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  1. Dear Ma’m Emi, I am very sorry of not replying to your blog knowing the unfortunate events that you experienced. I had been busy with the last days of the Semester. My only consolation is having time to visit Booksale and watched the UP MBT at UAAP Finals.

    I hope you will succeed in finding the culprits of the scam who stole your savings. How did they did it, is still a puzzle to me. Maybe, you have accidentally informed them of some sensitive data from your account.

    Your daughter’s move for independence is quite understandable though hard to accept. Nowadays, such kind of rupturing acts by kids are becoming a real challenge.

    We also had our conflicts at home. It is easier said than done, that communication is the key to solve misunderstanding.

    But the real score is still our attitude to accept what are the possibilities and options for them. I do not know the level of consensus.

    But the matter of control is always the difficult side in terms of guiding our children to the right decision. There must be a balance of give and take, or giving them the right amount of control and independence, of sustenance and self-decision to go back to communication where we used to train them before.

    You are more knowledgeable on this hard matter. But being a single parent and who had also been away for sometime from her, this unexpected kind of “conflict” is predictable.

    I know she will realize later that your ties is much deeper than other person’s relation or situation. That will be our consolation for the present. We hope that her enlightenment will come sooner.

    Wishing you the better, of course the best for the Holidays. There is also hope for everything. As the saying goes, Patience and Time are our best weapons against difficult situation, like of pain and fear.

    I saw your Facebook and you had time to go around and reflect on your life. You have already taken the good step for the moment. Take care and I hope to meet you when you have freer times during the Christmas break. Happy Holidays! Padayon!

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    1. Emi_F says:

      Thank you, Sir Tony. Your reply is very much appreciated.
      Happy Yuletide Season. ❤


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