Kris Kringle

In my small team composed of mainly young professionals in their early 20s, the idea to exchange a small gift (with a certain price range) each week came up in November.

So, everyone was given three codes, one for each week and we agreed to give the following gifts:

1st week of December – something cute and useful

2nd week of December – something nostalgic

3rd week of December – something you’d want for yourself

I didn’t have difficulty in selecting gifts in the first category. So I got several small items in a shop — a cute sleep mask, a cute mirror, a set of small containers for putting creams/soap/cologne when travelling, and so on.

For the second category, I had a few things in mind. But since my staff were born many generations after I was, I also wasn’t too sure. Haha. But, I got the idea when I visited Sonya’s Garden during our Office event. In their Panaderia, I saw mango-filled rounded marshmalllows (other flavors were ube, chocolate, matcha) and I thought, it’s perfect! Something sweet that evokes childhood!

Several days passed before I could decide on the third. I couldn’t think what I want for myself. In the past, I was given a small toy, a stuffed fox, whom I named Foxy (that seemed to be the best at that moment. πŸ˜€ ) and I loved it. I also thought that I definitely loved notebooks with beautiful covers and smooth, clear pages then. But we had notebooks in the Office, all of which were given by stakeholders we worked with. So, I finally settled with a peach and mango hand sanitizer and a moisturizing lip balm ’cause both are necessities for me and both smelled good. πŸ˜‰

I realized that the third category should be the easiest but it was the one that took me a long time to decide. It’s probably because for the longest time, I am more used to being the one that provides being the breadwinner in our family and never expect gift from people. But this Christmas, I received several gifts from colleagues and friends, and I really appreciate those.

I also realized that in 2023, I would like to buy only the essentials. I thought of this because, when my shipment from Paris (my previous foreign assignment) was delayed, it did cause me anxiety following up, but I didn’t really miss those things that I didn’t see or use for 10 months, which means that they weren’t really essentials.

Let’s see how I would fare on my road to minimalism? It might take time but I’ll go that path. πŸ˜‰

Happy Holidays, everyone.

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