Happy New Year (2023)



I would like to greet you all a blessed, peaceful and prosperous New Year!

Here’s my photo during the 1st work day in 2023.

No lengthy post this time; just a reminder for us, as we start the new year to:

  • Appreciate each blessing, big or small;
  • Take care of ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally;
  • Find time for things that make us happy;
  • Spend time with people we love;
  • Be open to opportunities and possibilities;
  • Invest in ourselves (improve our knowledge and skills set in our preferred learning method–this may be in the form of books, movies, documentaries, travel, etc.);
  • Love ourselves more.

Thank you to everyone and everything that became part of my 2022. It was an interesting year, with bumps, twists, and turns.

But we all made it! Cheers!

Sending love,


Photo by cottonbro studio on Pexels.com

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